On The Edge of The Land

This project combines landscapes and portraiture in a series of photographs attempting to capture the beauty and essence of the Assateague Island seashore. Assateague is a place where someone can experience the beauty of a wild seascape just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Eastern Seaboard. It is a place whose moods often change on the hour, providing a kind of visual candy for an artist. There always seems to be something happening. Some mornings I have crawled out of my tent and found myself in a fog bank obscuring all but the closest sand dune. Other mornings I have emerged into the hot summer morning sunshine to find a herd of wild horses grazing the beach grass only feet from where I slept. I have come to Assateague in a dead of winter when the sand is frozen like pavement, and I have been at Assateague during howling storms when it seems as if waves will wash away the island altogether. I have seen huge rain clouds drop to the horizon giving the impression of distant mountains. I have watched the ocean go from a lake like calm to a wild and unruly sea in a matter of an afternoon. It is this range of character that I hope to capture in my images. I have also been drawn to photograph the other people who share an appreciation for this special place. People like surfers and fisherman and others whom take refuge in the wild beauty of this place. I don’t usually seek photographs while I’m at Assateague but instead allow them to come to me. For me the experience of being there is just as important as making a picture. I allow myself to respond naturally to its unpredictable rhythms. These images are not the result of project or self-assignment; rather they are my simple perception of this place and my diary of experiences there.